Victim of Circumstance?

Is this your day or week?  You have another deadline to meet and you say, “I hate this stress.  I want a less stressful job!”  You get home and the kids are driving you crazy.  Your best friend wants to borrow money and you resent the fact he or she has never paid you back the last time.  You got cut off in traffic and your stress level went through the roof.  Late at night you wonder, “How did life become so complicated and stressful?  Why me?”  The next week, your boss praises you for a job well done, your spouse tells you how wonderful you are, you get a great job offer from a competitor, and you think, “Isn’t life great!”  The cycle continues…life is a series of fortunate and unfortunate events.  What is really amazing is how we allow events to turn us into victims.  How can we be happy and content one minute and then stressed and miserable the next?  Here is the lesson we all need to learn.


We are the makers and shapers of our own destiny.  To truly begin enjoying what life has to offer on a consistent basis, a person, at some point in life, must change the way he or she interprets events.  Unfortunate things will always enter life at the least expected times.  It is our reaction and interpretation that gives these events their life, whether good or bad.  How often does a seemingly bad or tragic event lead to unexpected success?  We all have stories to tell about success coming from tragedy.  You will always be on a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs until you realize that the power of your thinking and the transformation of these thoughts into positive action can make the worst event your shining triumph!  The next time life deals you an empty hand, rather than be a prisoner to negative emotion and stress, follow this life changing strategy:


  1. Focus your thoughts, not on the event itself but on your options.
  2. Choose the options that will lead you out of the darkness of self-pity and stress the fastest!
  3. Take immediate action.  It might mean simply calling a friend for support or it taking one small baby step to recovery.
  4. When the negative thinking creeps back in, throw yourself back into focused, unrelenting action.  Instead of lying in bed feeling sorry for yourself, get up!  Even if it is 3 o’clock in the morning…take action!
  5. Evaluate your course after doing this several times and decide if it is working.  If its not, take a new path; but do not quit!


Human beings are so amazing!  Within the power of our own thoughts lie the keys to happiness and riches.  Start “Minding” for goal today.  You are the most extraordinary human being ever created!  There is no one like you…Live to Win!